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Nashville Crush releases "This Is Love" on 92.1 The Frog
92.1 The Frog is now playing Nashville Crush's song "This Is Love".  The song was released on the one year anniversary of The Frog debuting Nashville Crush's first single "Last Drink" which spent 12 weeks as the #1 most requested song on that station.  Over the last year, Nashville Crush has held the "#1 Most Requested" spot on 92.1 for an additional 21 weeks with their second release "Country Girls" (11 weeks) and third release "Rock Bottom (Of The Bottle)" (10 weeks).  Make sure you listen to 92.1 The Frog and remember to call and request "This Is Love" by dialing 419-879-9292.

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Wiskey And Women 36
Last Drink 87
This Is Love 116
Country Girls 171
Rock Bottom Of The Bottle 171
The Fans 24
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