Nashville Crush - "I hate country music, but I LOVE
NASHVILLE CRUSH"...... Seem like a strange statement? Well, it is one that is
often heard when you come to a Nashville Crush show and one compliment the Crush
boys never get tired of hearing.  These boys have succeeded where so many others
have failed!  Made up of some of the best musicians and vocalists around,
Nashville Crush presents a perfect balance of Country and Rock music.  Mix that
with their high energy, award winning stage show and you have something that
pleases all ages of people from all backgrounds imaginable.  For the past 16
years Nashville Crush has been performing at some of the biggest clubs,
festivals and fairs in the Region and have made a name for themselves as one of
the best live bands around.  There is always a party on stage no matter where
they go.  Miss a performance by this band and you are missing a lot.  Fueled by
a roaring sea of fans everywhere they go, Nashville Crush is sure to leave you wanting more!